How to Feel More Confident

Let’s take it plain- we’ve all had periods of diffidence.

Today I see ever-increasing life opportunities, but as long as I lack that essential element that makes me, me and lets me express myself to the world, I will fail at reaching my full potential.

You have to be confident enough to be yourself, live your dreams and stand boldly in front of the world.

Here’re few ways by which you can make yourself feel more confident:

1. Shut All Those Bullies

You can lose faith in yourself if you constantly listen to criticism by others.

Just close your ears and accept that no one knows you better than yourself: you are the most qualified person to know what you are doing.

Know that not all criticism is bad. Some people offer you their genuine thoughts which, at many times, can lead to positive outcomes.

But for all those people who talk behind your back just because they cannot become like you, its a big NO-NO.

2. Love & Respect Yourself

One reason why we begin to feel low is that we do not consider ourselves worthy enough. We think that opening up to the world will leave us ridiculed.

All of us deserve respect as humans. You should learn to love yourself for who you are, and to feel content about all your abilities. The moment you begin to respect yourself will be the moment you will gain confidence.

3. Know That Everyone is Different

Being different from someone above your rank does not imply that you will never be able to reach upto that person’s rank.

It is that difference in each one of us that makes us so unique, and capable of achieving an infinite array of things. Embrace your uniqueness and feel confident!

4. Opportunities are Blessings

Acknowledging the value of opportunities will change your life for good. Lost opportunities don’t return. Every time you lose an opportunity, you lose a chance to get better, feel stronger and learn new things.

Try out new things even if you are not confident. At the end of the day, you will surely gain a lot!

It would mean a lot to me if you share your views in the comment section below!

Header Image: unsplash-logo
Bryan Minear

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