Ways to Deal With Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety is all common for students! A common misconception is that unpreparedness for a test results in anxiety. Though being less prepared for your exam can make you more anxious, it will be wrong to say that you will not experience anxiety if you are fully prepared.

In this context, exam anxiety is totally normal as it arises because of the uncertainty we have for how our exam will go. Therefore, instead of worrying when you feel anxious, you should work on keeping the anxiety within a certain limit, beyond which you can ruin your performance in an exam, even if you are quite prepared. 

Here are some ways to reduce your exam anxiety:

Know that low performance in a single test is not an absolute measure of your capabilities.

Let’s get real- exams are set to check our skills. But if you perform poorly in a test, it does not imply that you can never get better in life. Even American-Indian Nobel laureate Venkataraman Ramakrishnan could not clear the JEE exam for admission to Indian IITs!

Your performance in a test can be influenced by a number of other factors. So there’s just no point in worrying about your exam.

Stay calm, because the more desperate you are, the greater are your chances of messing up.

Being anxious is not going to help you in any way in the exam hall. Let yourself as relaxed as you can be, because otherwise you have greater chances of ending up with silly errors.


Take some time to meditate in the morning of your exam and right before your exam. 

Think of all the handwork you have put in. It does not have to be an all-nighter or some crazy amount! Breathe deep and tell yourself that you are capable of a whole lot of amazing stuff.

Don’t give up on exercise(and, of course, good sleep)!

Day-long of studying can make you less efficient. When you devote yourself to a single task, your brain can get clogged after a certain limit. If you don’t have a lot of time, why not take a 15 minute break for yoga and stretching (it helps me A LOT) ? So, do yourself a favour with some minimum amount of workout. 

Besides, exercising can also give you a very sound sleep, which you may otherwise lack, because of exam anxiety!

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