Letting Go

Life is ironical about a lot of things. One school of thought asks you to live your life to the fullest. On the other thought, we are also taught to have in mind the risks surrounding an issue and weight them wisely before taking an action.

This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately.

I admit that anxiety and uncertainty is bound to come about every decision, and it’s mostly good to consider these before taking an action. But, there are times we let ourselves cling to these insecurities to such an extent that we only worry and do nothing.

Insecurities about our positions, relationships, capabilities and job prospects- to name a few- can drive us to a mode of inactivity. Such a mode abounds with excessive tension and despair. Besides, you do not make efforts to solve the real problem and just keep worrying about it. For example, I choose to not place my apprehensions in front of my partner because I fear that it might anger him. Would doing so not just pile up the lists of doubts in my mind and lead me to subconsciously ruin my relationship?

I am evolving from a person who was ever so gullible to one who has learnt to let go of things. Believe me, it is one hundred times better if you let things go the way they are destined to and stop clinging onto them forever.

Let go of all the people who you think might cheat you. 

Let go of everything you worry about but cannot control.

Letting things unfold as they are destined to, and accepting those facts is going to bring you so much more peace than just keeping worrying about them.

Header Image: unsplash-logo
Ankush Minda

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