Uncle and his Outreach

The end of July this year marked an exciting moment for Indians, as Netflix launched its first-of-a-kind mobile only monthly subscription plan for Rs 199(nearly 2.76 USD).

India has the second highest number of smartphone users worldwide, which ,when coupled with cheap networking plans, makes such a move just more than understandable. 

I can recollect my childhood days, when, though I had access to neither a computer nor a mobile, Google was still a generic term for me. In our primary school lunch breaks, we would boast about the facts that Google could be ran on our parents’ mobiles, still unaware of what Google or the internet was.

The past five to seven years have seen such an unprecedented rise in the availability of smartphones, and thus internet, to general public in both developing and under-developing countries that facilities like Facebook and WhatsApp are not alien. Google, of course, cannot be forgotten.

This week, Google broke its decade-old tradition of naming its Android operating systems. From Android Cupcake in 2009 to Android Pie in 2018, the OSs used to be named as desserts alphabetically.

Such a sequence no longer exists: the much anticipated Android Queen of Puddings or Android Quindim is the insipid Android 10!

The decision, however, has not been taken against the interests of customer’s appetite. Google, the friendly household name as aforesaid, took such a move after taking into consideration that American desserts are not known worldwide(Android Marshmallow, for example). Also, not all languages over the world use English alphabets: A person in Vietnam cannot deduce the version of Android from merely the first alphabet of its name.

Here follows suit, Android 10 will be followed by Android 11.

English is the lingua franca, but do not be startled by Google’s decision to respect diversity in languages, and to make itself increasingly accessible worldwide.

In the end, I am reminded of a moment when our social studies teacher, on being asked for some information, commented: “Google Uncle se pucho!”(Hindi for- Ask Uncle Google)

Kudos to Google for being all-inclusive!

Header image credit: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/google-search-engine-browser-search-76517/

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