Feeling More Satisfied

As millennials, there are high chances of us feeling overwhelmed with the tasks of making decisions, acting on them and achieving our goals. 

Sometimes, I feel discontented with the path that I choose and the actions that I take. Over time, I have come to the realisation that, more often than not, things are not as bad as they seem. Rather, there is just an overflow of emotions, desires and expectations that is making us feel low. 

For me, sorting things out and making a clear mindset helps more than anything else. After all, it makes sense to first decide and then do, rather than to keep working like a machine and sobbing over the state of things. I cannot stress more on its importance; building a firm vision makes 70% of one’s work done. 

Following is a list of checkmarks that I built for the same last weekend: 

1. Own Your Life!

This is what a lot of people miss on: They fail to assert ownership of their lives. It is counterintuitive because we want happiness in our lives, yet many times we feel worthless about ourselves and instead have a strong urge to please others.

A big chunk of my middle school memories is filled with times when I was desperate for making friendships and looking a certain way in front of others. I naturally tended to do anything to gain attention of those who were known to be popular. It was not until I grew up with a lot of experiences of avoidable anxiety and friends who nevertheless admired me for who I was that I actually started to live my life.


Unless you feel your self-worth, your life is sure to be a total mess. Remember that no one’s life is perfect, neither did successful people become so in a day. Good things take time!

The key is to feel proud about far you have come, and work hard for all your goals.

2. Be Confident Enough to Express Yourself 

Anyone can own passion or skill, but not everyone is confident enough to stand in their true self and live their dreams. This is so similar to what Peter Thiel says in his book Zero To One: Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is in even shorter supply than genius.


I agree that there’re a lot of judgemental acts going around us. Still, have courage to live your dreams, to do what you want to. After all, you don’t owe anyone a debt; no one in the world ought to have a control over your life. The things you do are going to benefit you.

3. Rome was not built in a day!

I say again, good things take time.

If you are unable to achieve your goals in one go, do not be disheartened. You might need to push yourself one step higher so that you can attain the limiting value to grab it. Alternatively, there might be something better in store for you!


Whatever it is, do not be harsh on yourself. Feel grateful for what you have achieved; gratitude is important. It makes one humble and just makes you know that things could be worse! Journalling your thoughts is a nice way to document them and then act on them.

Do not lose your consistency at a task.

4. Read Inspirational Texts

I immensely believe in doing this and cannot stress more on its importance.

In very descriptive terms, by going through the writings of such people, one gets to know that on the grassroot level all great people struggled before they could realise their dreams.They dreamed, researched, tried and stayed  confident before achieving something substantial. For example, here is a short description of Steve Wozniak, the largely unknown co-founder of Apple, that I read in Quiet by Susan Cain:

More than anything else, it proves that all of those people did face resistance in what they were doing. Their paths were filled with dejection and mockery by others. 

What makes them different is that they did not pay a heed and kept moving.

5. Give It a Go


In physics, we study how dynamic friction is lower than static friction. Analogously, starting off with a small task is much more beneficial in the long run rather than not doing anything. Keeping apprehensions at bay, grab any opportunity that comes by because all experiences make good lessons!

header image credit: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/woman-silhouette-flare-joy-person-2188033/

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